does that fear keep you warm at night?

When we get too close to the fire, we get burned. When we get burned, it hurts. When we feel pain, we recoil. We naturally pull away from what causes us pain and suffering.

Our brains are cool like that.

We learn from pain. We’ll keep ourselves away from the things that make us hurt. We’ll do anything it takes to keep ourselves safe, even if it means avoiding all the things that could hurt. This includes all things that maybe, possibly, potentially could bring on that burn again. Things that could end up bringing great joy, love and enlightenment – Our minds view them as far too risky, too close to the fire. No, we must stay as far away from the fire as possible. Further. Safer.

To what end?

Essentially, we could fail at everything we do, lose everyone we love, find ourselves rejected at every turn. Or, we couldn’t.  The risk in avoiding the things that make us afraid is the opportunity cost of passing up a potentially perfect outcome instead. The more we face our fears and even experience losses, the less scary and painful they become. The more happiness we can find. Peace inside. Safer.



scaredy cat

Fear is a paralyzing creation of the mind.


Every time we allow our minds to dwell on anxieties about the unknown, we are being present with fear and blind to the the moment upon us. We are bombarded with an army of thoughts and worry that we attach ourselves to in a desperate desire for certainty.


Every moment we spend clinging to fear is a moment we are passing up to find security and comfort.

i’m feelin’ lucky

Fear is powerful. Fear of the unexpected, fear of failure, fear of loneliness – All it does is riddle your spirit with worry, anger, and despair.

Why not anticipate good? Hopefulness is a beautiful step in the right direction. What’s better is actually believing and expecting positive outcomes. It creates such a distinct clarity of our current blessings and future possibilities. Love, vitality and wealth, in all their forms, are guaranteed.


What’s more wonderful is that this practice actually works. When we expect good, some sort of vibrational shift occurs in the universe. When we are truly vigilant and wholeheartedly believe in ourselves, we begin to see the movement in our lives. I‘m not a mystic or a wizard, although that would make for a much cooler blog. But this is not an illusion of happiness, we see that our health improves, our bank accounts go up, our relationships run smoothly – we are more successful and satisfied.

Don’t wait until tomorrow. Believe in the worthiness of your being and the power of your thought. The general goodness of the world and its effortless beauty. The incredible potential of your self.

everything is waiting on the other side of fear

Hopeful and hopeless.

Today’s harsh realities leave so many people feeling hopeless. We are easily convinced that we have hit a dead end, or that the things we care about are only fleeting. And, when we are particularly struggling, we think that our difficult situation will never end.


And yet, we have no control of the earth’s winds or the hands of time. Big and small miracles occur in our daily lives. To believe otherwise empties ourselves of hope, and we fall victim to fear.

We must remember to expect good, rather than anticipate disappointment. It is the power of positive thinking at work, with a pinch of gratitude and the zest of faith. The plans for each of our lives are bigger and more beautiful than we can dream. Maintaining hope, especially in the midst of uncertainty, is what keeps us on the right path and makes our days worthwhile.


risky business

I used to go around fearful, not only of exposing my true self, but to even understand what that meant. It is a risk, to live authentically. Today, I still go around apologetic and shameful of various opinions and beliefs, likes and dislikes. Too positive, too inspired, over-dressed, over-educated – is there really such a thing?


Many of us go to great lengths to avoid feeling vulnerable. There is simply more on the line when we are taking the risk to follow our paths exactly. We are overwhelmed by the uncertainty of being our true selves, and we deem living authentically as more risky than living concealed by the burka of societal expectations and judgements.

Uncertainty is really the meat-and-potatoes of vulnerability. We can use these feelings of discomfort as beacons to guide us inward, instead of to numb us and freeze us immobile. Then, we will reach the springboard of our authentic selves. Then, we can take the risk to experience who we are as a whole person. Maybe that’s what it would take for humans to stop condemning others and themselves.