wage love, spread peace

The judge. The critic. The timekeeper. The doubter. The persecutor.

Hearing it.

And then, opening the heart instead. Feeling the fear, breathing into it and just opening even more anyways. Self compassion.

Who could be more deserving of your unconditional love and support than yourself?



for those who fight for it

For those who fight for it,

Life has a flavour the sheltered will never know.


it’s a slow blossom

We are infinitely evolving.

Nothing about our existence can truly be broken down into checkpoints, as much as we’d love to believe it could be logged in a pretty Excel spreadsheet. Nope.

In truth, one experience just leads us to our next experience. One moment connects to the next moment, which leads us to some opportunity, from which we may build strength, or let go, or heal – and moves us on to something new. On and on. We make baby steps until we look behind us and see progress. There is no use standing in darkness, worrying about what lies behind the walls ahead, when we know that there’s light on the other side.

So then, we decide to   l e t   g o   and slide the first toe forward. Our journey begins and it goes on like this, one step at a time. We can set goals for ourselves. There can be a natural beginnings and resolutions, lightbulbs and milestones, but nothing really comes to an end. It’s not linear.

When it comes to this kind of growth, we can work hard on the trajectory, but we don’t control every facet of our transformation. That’s why making meaningful changes is sometimes often a painstakingly slow and frustrating process.

Window by window, we open.

Petal by petal, unfolding.


for everything which is yes

i thank you

for this amazing day:
for the leaping greenly
spirits of trees
and the blue true dream of sky;


and for everything
which is natural
which is infinite
which is yes


e. e. cummings