accept and choose

I accept that the only thing I can control is my state of mind.

I choose to be optimistic.

I choose to live.



all we ever have is now

Mindfulness is like magic.


In surrendering ourselves completely to the present moment, we give up all human notions and compulsions to try to improve ourselves, and simply realize where we already are.

We accept our invitation to the inescapable adventure of life as it happens, with each singular moment that passes. There is an incredible urgency in the present moment when we allow the past and future to drift away. Right now is all we have for certain.

Humans naturally resist and force against the present moment;
With each thought that arises, judging it right or wrong. Or, with each physical and emotional sensation, counting it as pleasant or unpleasant.

The magic of mindfulness lies in sacrificing the slipperiness of longing for change, wanting and evaluating. Accepting each moment that arises with its thoughts and feelings, because they are already occurring.

Lying in the grass.
Fighting only the air.

sky girl

I had that dream again last night.

The first memory I can recall from those days. My phone rings and I see it, but can’t understand the sound or the name on the screen.

I don’t know much about what happened between that moment and the park, but I know that it was the first time I noticed the sky again. I saw the stars, I heard the sound of music, I felt the freshness of air on my face.

I took my shoes off so that I could feel my toes in the grass. I knew I was alive.
And I’m going to make sure that night never ends for me.

what chains us

Extraordinary! Great! Success! Or any other exclamation point derivative thereof.

What is all this extraordinary nonsense anyway?

Why not be hellishly authentic – a relentless individualist. Try doing something real, something innovative.

Love God.
Love yourself.
Love other people.

Be happy.

we do what we need to be free

Survival demands few things – food, water, air and procreation. A human life needs much more. We were created with a pesky need for purpose. It’s not the things we own or the jobs we do that define our purpose. It lies in honouring the genuine substance of who we are.

Once basic needs are satisfied, I find myself in that search for purpose. I’ve stumbled upon my true wants and needs the same way we all do; exploring options, expressing ourselves and messing all kinds of things up along the way. It takes courage to be free. It takes the willingness to completely let go of who we think we should be, to be who we really are.