learning & living – NEDIC conference

NEDIC Body Image and Self-Esteem Conference 2013

To learn and think; to think and live; to live and learn:


This always,


With new insight, new understanding, and new love.




teach me how to feel

Half of me is so madly in love with humans. I admire them with passion and curiosity.

And then, the other half is so embarrassed by their crippled deficiencies at life. Mulling about with loveless incompetence. Spending their days in total emotional illiteracy, failing to ever learn tenderness and grace toward others and, more frighteningly, themselves.




You’re not a statistic.


Never let someone make you feel like you can’t recover. Or that you should modify or trim your goals for recovery.

Go all the way and never look back.



perfectionism and where the socks go

Perfectionism will drive you insane.

Its nagging oppression goes on and on. Even as I consciously refuse to listen, the sound is somehow heard, like a gong sending vibrations in ripples that spread through my body. Countless parameters and rules, the likes of which are so engrained I fear that I could not even articulate what I so systematically follow. No, it’s probably a blessing that I cannot go on to tell you about each of these rules, because you don’t have time for that. Even if you did, you would likely end up batty enough to sell all your stuff and drink straight whiskey from the cat dish.

The purpose of perfectionism is to trap you and forever keep you from being the person you’re here to be. It wants to straight-jacket your authentic self. Perfectionism will tell you to colour inside its lines, or else… You’ll never fail? You’ll never be hurt or rejected? You’ll never die? You will. We all will. You just won’t have as much fun doing it.

Perfectionism tells me that it will keep me warm and safe, completely in control. But, when I am adhering to restrictions that keep me incomplete and unsatisfied in my own life, I control nothing. Here’s me in control – At one point there were two red socks, and two pink socks. That is all I need to know:


But, if you do know where the socks went, please advise.

i am the master of my fate

It matters not how straight the gate, how charged with punishment the scroll,

I am the master of my fate,

the captain of my soul.


William Ernest Henley